ROBO 3D依靠ABC数据协议技术引领东欧市场





ROBO 3D Heads to Eastern Europe with ABC Data 散布tion Deal

ROBO 3D is among the most popular 3D printers on the US 市场。 Its origins date back to February, 2013, when its creators received nearly $650,000 from their Kickstarter campaign. The project was ultimately a success, with all 3D printers getting to their backers, and ROBO 3D’s career exploded, making them one of the better known brands in the world of low-budget 3D 印刷厂。


Although ROBO 3D is well known in its homeland, in Europe, the company is not as recognizable as the Dutch Ultimaker, Polish Zortrax, or fellow American MakerBot. However, this may soon change from two reasons: first of all, at the beginning of this year ROBO 3D established its official European division – 3D ROBO Europe, based in London, 英国。 Second of all, the company signed a huge distribution deal with ABC Data – one of the biggest IT distributors in 全欧洲。 Thanks to the, ROBO 3D’s products will hit the markets in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and 斯洛伐克。


ABC Data will sell through its channels Robo 3D’s flagship 3D printer, the R1 This device has a pretty big working area of 25 x 22 x cm (′ x ′ x 8′), covered with the company’s characteristic large, white plastic 住房。 It is equipped with a heated bed, auto-calibration, and is able to 3D print with almost every filament on the 市场。 ROBO 3D is very user friendly and is ideal for 3D printing amateurs, home users, or in 教导。

But growing the sale of its 3D printers is only one aspect of ROBO 3D Europe’s 手术。 The company provides training for individuals and companies eager to enter the 3D printing world with the R1 印刷厂。 The company’s newly designed electronics will soon replace the previous Arduino / RAMPS. ROBO 3D claims that their electronics are among the most advanced on the market, and will share more details about them in the near 在明日。 And, finally, a new modernized version of the R1 model will arrive and, potentially, bring awareness of the brand to a level 竞赛 its previously more well-known 绝对应的人。


ROBO 3D依赖ABC通知礼仪技术引领东欧市场


再Roo3D在深入地健康的,但这是显露的。,在全欧洲,这家公司不像是荷兰麻布的创造商人。,波兰Zortrax,或许美国同党。又,这可以很快由两个账目替换。:率先,往年年终,Roo3D构造了其法定的的全欧洲DIVI。 – 3D 罗布全欧洲指挥部设在英国伦敦。。其次,要紧的是,该公司与ABC通知签字了任一宏大的配电礼仪。 – 全欧洲最大的IT批发公司经过。谢意,Roo3D出示将进入Chile 智利市场。,德国,匈牙利,立陶宛,波兰,罗马尼亚和斯洛伐克。

ABC的通知将经过其频道销路3D旗舰3D印刷厂。,在R1。该合适的的任务面积为25×22×cm(*** 8)。,公司的表明是很大的。,白色的塑料壳体。它装有一张发热的床。,无意识的批改,而且可以3D印记于是市场上事实上主宰的单纤维。。 ROBO 3D完全人性化。,完全西装3D印刷厂爱好者。,日常的用户,仍然在教导。

再,越来越多的3D印刷厂在欺骗RoBo。 全欧洲生意的第一担任外场员。公司巴望个人和计划进入3D印记。该公司新设计的电子出示将很快移走PREVI。 /加速度减慢了。 ROBO 三维索取者,他们的电子设备是最上进的市场。,我将在立刻的未来分享更多上它们的详情。。决定性的,在R1典范的更新的校订将抵达并潜在地结果了污辱意识的程度相竞争了其从前比较地著名的兄弟会。

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