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MS in Information Systems, Web and Mobile Specialization

Degree earned Spring 2016

  1. 2014 Fall
    • Database Management Systems - Coursework covered basic database concepts such as querying, updating, deleting, manipulating data, relationship diagrams, database rules and structure. Commercial database products MS Access and Oracle SQL Developer were used to gain understanding through hands on coursework.
    • Information Systems Management & Strategy - Coursework uses case studies to examine the systems that support the operational, administrative, and strategic needs of business organizations. Businesses approach challenges to IT differently based on maturity, governance, and type of system (current or legacy systems). Each business is studied based on their decisions as well as the CIO/senior management roles.
    • Analyzing and Interpreting Accounting Information - Coursework covered financial and managerial accounting using balance sheets, income statements, stockholder equity statements, cash flows, and SEC 10-K filings.
  2. 2015 Spring
    • Data Warehousing & Administration - Coursework covered business aspects such as problems that businesses face with databases and background such as types of schemas and optimization. Hands on experience is taught using Oracle and by assignments that create operational databases and manipulate data.
    • .NET Programming - Coursework covered is an introduction to the .NET programming environment using C#. Basic programming concepts such as object-oriented design, syntax, and debugging are taught through the use of assignments and Visual Studio. Course includes developing Windows Forms applications for the desktop.
    • Information Systems Security & Privacy - Coursework covered concepts and methods associated with planning, designing, and implementing security at all levels and on all systems. Course also presented topics for assessing risk as well as disaster recovery planning. Hands on experience was available using virtual environments specifically set up with poor security controls.
  3. 2015 Fall
    • Internet & Mobile Technologies - Coursework covered how OSI model works for Internet and newer mobile technologies including WiFi WAN/LAN, cellular networks, smart phones, and other mobile/portable computing devices.
    • Website Development Practice and Technologies - Coursework covered understanding the principles of web pages, design/UX, the process of publishing web pages, and hosting web pages in the cloud through Microsoft Azure. Web pages were designed using scripts, HTML5, or other server-side programs.
    • Analysis, Modeling, and Design - Coursework covered the system development life cycle (SDLC), requirements gathering, systems analysis, object-oriented analysis, and design methodologies. Course required students to complete a project starting from the requirements phase to develop these skills. To aid in development, various software tools are used - Visible Analyst, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio.
  4. 2016 Spring
    • Business Intelligence & Financial Modeling - Coursework covered business intelligence and financial data intelligence to support decision making in corporate business. Technical hands-on experience was achieved through the use of Microsoft Excel and MicroStrategy BI to enhance concepts learned in class.
    • VBA for Business Analytics - Coursework covered the essentials of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Microsoft Excel. Course focuses on using VBA to automate common tasks and create business analytic applications for the user by creating UIs for inputs and presenting managerially relevant results.